About us

 Our story

When Ted was born, Elvis was 1 year old. Curious, energy like no other, playful, just like a young dog should be. (Well...Maybe a little extra of everything).
Elvis wanted to be where Ted was, he wanted to be close and keep an eye on him. When Ted could not hold his head up during neck training on his stomach, Elvis was there immediately and helped. He's taught Ted how to pick toys with his mouth. How to walk on 4 legs, eat grass, eat carrots… yes even how to bark.
Ted hugs Elvis goodnight and good morning. Shows how to pat him gently. And, of course, they're arguing 'about toys like all the other brothers do. Because that's exactly what they are. Brothers:) They have such a strong and nice relationship.
One night when Ted was standing with his rabbit-cuddle blanket hugging Elvis, I got an idea.. He needs an "Elvis" cuddle! I started looking around for a dog cuddle blanket but found nothing that I wanted. That's where the idea came from.

I'm going to do our own cuddle blankets. Which is for both kids and dogs! I mean they share toys and Elvis loves to carry around toys, shoes, blankets. So why not do something for both?!
And here they are today! Elvis & Ted's own labrador cuddle blankets. They are absolutely fantastic and I can not be more than so happy and proud of what we we have accomplished.
They are just as safe for dogs as for babies. (As long as you do not have an Elvis shark for a dog that likes to bite). This is for carrying around, petting, hugging, cuddling with:) We hope you'll love them as much as we do ❤️

Elvis and Ted with bunny cuddle blanket